Food Inn, Colaba, Mumbai

It's such an unassuming kind of place. You'd never think that this place can dish out such an amazing fare. That too, at such an unbelievably low price.

Two of us had a dal fry + steamed rice for our first helping. It was yummy but didn't suffice for two. Then we ordered for some veg biryani + dal makhani. Amazingly tasty - especially the veg biryani. I'm sure other stuff is as tasty.

IIRC, both of us were stuffed for under two hundred and fifty bucks! This is one joint I'm going back to for decent Indian food.

And yeah, just outside the restaurant is a paanwaala who maked amazing meetha paan. And he's from Kanpur :-) He recognized my bike's UP78 number. Give him a shot too.

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  • Reading the comments i went there though the food was kind of acceptable with more oil than accepted. the waiter actually dare to instruct do not touch flowers kept on my table and lastly after food was over he says dont keep tissues on table after wiping hands or he will have to wipe table which would take time. on complaining to manager he says thats fine dont cum next time they are jerks and soon i will be filing a case in consumer court and a quality inspection too. Do not go there specially with your family or be embarrassed your wish

    By Anonymous nitin, at 10:05 AM  

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