Kitchen Square -- Where I Start My Day

My office is located in Mathuradas Mills Compound (Lower Parel, Mumbai), which is the most godforsaken mills compound in the entire area. When I came for my first face-to-face interview with Cleartrip, I thought it was a slum!

Anyways, there are lots of places around my office, but none match the convenience, price, and taste of Kitchen Square. My day starts with a nice cup of cutting chai with either an omelette a plate of poha, upma, or idli-sambhar. I used to patronize the usaal paav till some time back, but now I find it way too oily and spicy.

Kitchen Square is a good place for snacks (breakfast or evening), but it sucks for lunches. It suffers from the same Red Curry Syndrome that ails 90% of all restaurants in Mumbai. Surprisingly though, it serves very good sambhar. The least sweet sambhar I've had anywhere in normal Mumbai restaurants.

The prices are rock bottom -- Rs 2.50 for a cutting; Rs 14 for a double omlette; Rs 12 for a plate of idli-sambhar. In the evenings you can get a vada pav for about four bucks I think. It's nothing to talk about but it's the closest vada pav from my office :-)

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