Full Full Indian!

Khaaja Chowk!, Plaza Mall, Gurgaon
Distinctly Indian

It's strange that I've been in Gurgaon for more than four months and I've never been to this place! Khaaja Chowk is THE place to be for Indian cuisine. The food, the ambience, and the price - everything is just too good!

The restaurant's tag line is "Full full Indian" - and it really is! From the moment you enter, you feel you've entered a different place. The interiors are bright red, with the walls plastered with cheesy posters and hand mirrors you might find at a dhaba. The tables have motifs of 'Ship' matchboxes and some maalish ka tail on them. Some tables have those fake stones in sindoor ki dibbiya you might find at a grameen mela! And you just can't miss the bright red auto-rickshaw - that's where I had my dinner today. Howzzat :-D

The food is decently priced - two of us got a stomachful of yummy food for Rs 175 only. And the dishes are innovatively named as well. Sample this: Biwi ki daal tadkewaali, Maa ki daal makkhanwaali, Anand ki anda bhurji. For dessert try out the Rocket kulfi tilli pe and Mango mishti doi - Simply amazing!

Skip the Pizza Huts, Dominoes, and Barista's next time when you're in Gurgan - head straight for Khaaja Chowk! Plaza Mall (Third Floor). Oh! Just in case you didn't know Plaza Mall is right next to IFFCO Chowk - most people don't know of it's existence - neither did I!


  • bhai muh me paaaaaniiiii aa gayi

    By Blogger Abhishek Krishnan, at 10:30 PM  

  • that does it nanda..you are out of the mess and yer juniors like me are still stuck up with those messy messes..neways..yep muh mein paani aa gaya..........

    By Blogger silentEcho, at 11:51 AM  

  • yar kuch aur sasta hai kya..CR jitna types.

    By Blogger Nisheet Jain, at 10:25 PM  

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