My First Pub @ Gurgaon

Thai & Chinese Cafe, JMD (Opp Sahara Mall), Gurgaon
Pub serving (surpise!) Thai & Chinese Cuisine

Well, after staying here at Gurgaon, for more than three months, it was about time I had been to a pub. And today (technically yesterday, it's 4:23 AM right now - hehe), the pub-visiting happened dhoke se. We were planning to go eat 'something different' and then probably go out for a movie. I suggested a Thai joint at JMD Towers (I used to have my office there earlier). So all of us went to the Thai restaurant only to later realize that it was a pub!

We arrived there at around 8:30 PM - which is rather early for the 'pubbing circuit'. Just a couple of people around. And yeah - HAPPY HOURS till 9:30 PM.

I wasn't in the mood for having a drink (we had one helluvan EVS party last night!) so ordered a mocktail called 'Mystery'. As part of the 'happy deal' I got another Mystery free. The drink was okay, some orange based concoction which was nothing to die for.

The non-veggies (moi included), then ordered Lamb in Mankan Sauce (or some similar sounding sauce) with steamed rice. Now, if you're planning to order the same thing, I have a word of advice for you - DONT! You don't want to spend 250 odd bucks only to get mutton (not lamb, mind you) cooked with potatoes in a gravy full of oil. I'm sure you order something from the road-side dhaba and they're gonna come up with something similar... probably better! The dish tasted more like "Mutton Curry Masaala - cooked in 1 Litre of oil I got free from Big Bazaar yesterday!"

Anyways, as for the veggies, they were better off with "Vegetables in Thai Curry" - the standard coconut based white curry. It was the regular Thai stuff.

We left at about 9:30 cuz none of us were in the mood to drink or hang around (thanks to the EVS party the day before!)... but I guess 9:30 or 10:00 is just about the right time to go there... they had just started with Pink Floyd and the place was getting more crowded...

No take on the music, cuz till the time we were there they were playing the standard soft rock stuff... nothing noteworty!

Overall, not a very good experience... food was bad and overpriced. The ambience was nothing great - no central theme. Probably we should've gone later in the night - so that we would've ended up concentrating more on the girls rather than the food, drinks, and ambience :-D


  • lol!!! hail fellow foodie!! the only diff is that i travel all over the highways to have the dhabewalla serve me good, and trust me i never had anyone serve me anything with 1liter of oil (i know ur joking)
    Happy weekend.. (well its almost over anyways..)

    By Blogger Mandrake, at 10:01 PM  

  • TC's rocks!! There's a new DJ and hard rock is the order of the day - Pink Floyd is the only the tip of the iceberg and is the background music till it really starts pumping... On fridays & saturday starts rocking ~22:00ish, but the downside is the place closes at 23:30 because of the ridiculous haryana laws!! there are mainly guys there, some girls, but hey this is India, every place i've been to in my 2 years here is guys, guys, guys, oh, hey look, there's a girl worth looking at, but oh shit she's taken or has a posse of 40 f#@kng body guards!!
    after 2 years in india, i'm off to thailand - there is a God!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:42 AM  

  • Thanks for your advice. We almost went to this place today thinking i to be some fancy shmansy place.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:28 AM  

  • dear foodie, now that you have been through with a litre of oil, i hope you survived only because you did not eat that "oily bakra" - i would suggest try thai at aab-o-dana (Sec 56, Gurgaon - Call them for directions 4226000). They don't play pink floyd but have Indian Idol 5 winner singing live for you... the prices would put the dhabawala to shame and taste can put a five star chef wondering. Its a small comfy restuarant, i very hasetantly tried the thai cuz the name was very mughlai (which they also serve, prepared by an ex Taj Mumbai chef), but since then nothing matches the taste that they have to offer... and damn economical. try it...

    By Anonymous Sameer, at 8:57 AM  

  • Hey Sammer, thanks for the pointer. Unfortunately, I'm no longer in Gurgaon, but I'll sure give Aab-o-Dana a try when I'm there next.

    By Blogger Nandz, at 7:53 PM  

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